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Individuals discussing the law

Supporting individuals with employment law advice

Whether you’re reviewing a job contract, facing workplace challenges, or seeking guidance on your rights, Duffield Harrison LLP Solicitors is here to provide professional legal advice. Call our Hoddesdon, Hertford, or Enfield branches to discuss your legal matter with our team. 

Strategic guidance to support you in the workplace

If you’re unsure about your rights as an employee or need some employment law advice, contact our team of solicitors today. Whether it’s unfair dismissal, discrimination, or contract disputes, we’ll guide you through the legal nuances, ensuring you understand your rights and the potential avenues for resolution.

We encourage you to call us, no matter what legal challenges you’re facing, as even navigating employment contracts can be a daunting task. At Duffield Harrison LLP Solicitors, we’ll break down the legal jargon, helping you to understand your rights and obligations as an employee. Our solicitors will meticulously review your contract to identify any unfavourable terms and offer their advice on negotiating amendments. With us, you’ll gain a supportive team that will put your best interests first. Contact us today to find out more or discuss your legal matter with our team.

Employment law experts

Legal clarity

We simplify jargon, helping you to fully understand your rights and obligations as an employee.

Thorough contract reviews

Our solicitors bring their expertise to your case, offering advice on the terms and conditions within your contract. 

Tailored legal advice

Receive personalised advice tailored to your unique employment situation.

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For comprehensive employment law advice, call or email Duffield Harrison LLP Solicitors today.

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